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(1) My original photographic specialty, from 2002-2007, was hand-colored black and white infrared landscape prints, painted with watercolors on heavy matte paper.  Each of these artworks is an original (i.e., not part of a series of identical prints), because each hand-coloring is unique.  I continue to offer these originals for any image. 

(2) My current specialization is color infrared photography.  

I offer all prints on the media (canvas, matte, glossy or metallic) and at the size of your choosing.  Most images are composed in a 4.5x8 ratio, and could be printed (exactly as seen on this site) at 18x32" or 27x48", for example.  Of course, any image can also be cropped to fit your needs. 

Artwork means nothing without an appreciative audience. Meaningful art is rooted in shared discovery.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

Thank you for visiting!  - Matthew