Dec. 2016. Photo courtesy of Jaclyn  @jaclyndickensphoto

Dec. 2016. Photo courtesy of Jaclyn @jaclyndickensphoto


I specialize in high resolution, high dynamic range fine art infrared photography, in both black & white and color. From 2002-2007, I sold my artwork predominantly to those living in and visiting California, mostly as hand-colored originals, but I had to put my film cameras away when Kodak and Konica stopped making infrared film. Very sad. Teaching gigs and various degrees kept me away from my love of photography until 2015, when I got my first digital SLR.

It has been absolutely thrilling to return to my love of fine art photography. My main focus is on single-exposure color infrared photographs. To shoot infrared, I had LifePixel remove the internal infrared filter, making my Canon 6D full-spectrum. I shoot with various L-series lenses and a range of filters to achieve various effects. I do very little manipulation of my images; my editing process is generally a few minutes per image. It is the special camera system and filters I use that creates the unique palette of hues in my photographs. In this way, my work is more an example of the evolution of traditional photography than it is “digital art.”

I think of my work as “dreamscapes,” or as still photography’s version of “magical realism.”  Photographing already beautiful locations in color infrared gives them a surreal quality that takes the artwork to a new expressive level.   One reason I am so excited to share my work is that it is an extremely rare type of photography.  I am always happy to hear investors tell me they’ve never seen anything like it.  Color infrared photography is due to catch on in a more mainstream way – since it captures both natural beauty and emotional awe – and it's amazing to see its popularity grow as investors discover this unique emerging artform.  

While I sell my work as limited editions, I can also create a hand-colored original for any piece upon request. Each original is one of a kind, since I add the watercolors by hand.

You can see more of work - especially recent work I haven't had time to add to this website - at my Instagram gallery @matthew_stuart_piper. I am the art director administrator of the largest and most dynamic infrared hub on Instagram: @creativeinfrared_global. I am proud to feature the largest gamut of infrared photographers of any social media site in the world.

I am proud to have had strong support from the infrared community, including sponsorships from Cokin USA, Lifepixel Infrared, and Kolarivision. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram - links available on my Instagram page.

When not creating artwork, I am working to complete a PhD in philosophy and cognitive science at UC San Diego. I have published on the nature of consciousness. My dissertation is a defense of an original neuroscientific explanation for the experience of the passing of time.

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- Matthew